Drupal training session at swecha

Attended a seminar at swecha ,by the way where is swecha it’s located at gachibowli(Hyderabad) it’s beside Center for good governance . swecha is basically a volunteer driven free software movement organization ,it was started as a GNU Linux project to build an OS for the people who understand Telugu (local language).By now they have created 3 Linux OS and they are well promoting and contributing to the world of Open Source community.

Today’s seminar was about Drupal it was a short and simple introduction of what is Drupal and why is it useful besides that they also showed why they use Linux and what are its benefits .some of the examples were how we can delete a directory via cmd line ie the terminal instead of right-click then search for the delete option and then confirm whether you want to delete it or not . The new thing which I learnt was about lynx.

Lynx is a command line based web browser which means instead of typing in terminal Firefox google.com we can type in lynx google.com the difference is just that it displays the page in your terminal itself thus using less bandwidth load and providing high performance .

After that we discussed about what are the events that we’re going to conduct in our college . we said that we will be creating a website for our GLUG (GNU Linux User Group) .Along with that On March 8th ( International Women’s day ) we planned women who hack its an event that’ll be conducted at IIIT-H on the same day


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