Can Scientist create a computer like JARVIS ?

Have you seen the movie IRONMAN then you might be well aware of this Computer called ‘JARVIS’. By the way for those who don’t know JARVIS is the name of an Artificial Intelligence computer actually it has an acronym Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

Today i saw this movie again and i thought why can’t we create a Intelligent computer like this that can serve our need mostly gaming [JK] .So i thought of doing some research on how to create such a system. I finally came up with the result .

First of all let me clarify the myths :

1. Can you create a computer like this ?

Ans:  Yes you can .

2. Will it be as intelligent as shown in the movie ?

Ans : Yes can be .

3. How much time will it take to create ?

Ans: In the coming 10 Yrs .

Now in the movie Jarvis can levitate or lets say project the User Interface (UI) of a highly sophisticated system and Robert Jr can easily interact with it by doing some hand motions on air and Jarvis just do the  calculations in seconds that puts up the results on air again .

According to the present researchers , there are people who actually have the facilities and home in which the computer can speak to us and do the basic functionality like if we say play music , Start this and that . Schedule something . You can basically talk but has limited functionality .

People at Facebook AI research has come up with an idea of Memory Networks through which the memory slots in your systems can theoretically talk to each other . For Example .

Figure 1: Example “story” statements, questions and answers generated by a simple simulation. Answering the question about the location of the milk requires comprehension of the actions “picked up” and “left”. The questions also require comprehension of the time elements of the story, e.g., to answer “where was Joe before the office?”.

Memory Networks AI facebook

So that is how the computer should be able to calculate and give you an appropriate answer for a particular context . Similarly , jarvis was using memory networks to give you the answers.

So speaking of the people at FB AI research they have written papers on memory networks .There is a paragraph in the papers stating that “If the memory becomes full, a procedure for “forgetting” could also be implemented by H as it chooses which memory is replaced, e.g., H could score the utility of each memory, and overwrite the least useful.” Now think of a scenario where a computer can learn it’s own way to find the result and also delete the least use once (memory) .

Now coming to the movie again . You might be thinking that jarvis is not just a speaking computer , it also displays UI on air right ? . have you thought of how can we make it possible . how can we display some thing on air and make it appear it from nowhere . the concept behind it ? Yes it’s right . it’s simple the concept is to stop light . Here comes an interesting fact, Scientist at MIT has come up with a way to stop light and it’s not only on papers, they have also done it practically . Let see how did they achieve it.

So they are basically using Bohr Einstein Consolidate of Sodium atoms to stop light. lets see how in details .

At last what i would like to say is that , In future we don’t need a computer that can do what its asked to do but we need a memory that can opt our nature of how we think .


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