How to send messages without internet .

Ever thought of creating your own chat app or a network through which you can send and receive messages without using internet at all or worried about your personal details revealed like what we do in whatsapp. There is an app called FireChat (Off-Grid Chat app).

It allows you to chat anonymously without the internet and create a public zone to share your messages for free. The app is available only for IOS and Play Store . It is obvious that you need internet connection in the firstplace to download it from store and install it .After that you need to sign up for the account while signing up you should be connected to the internet . It may ask you for your credentials but you can give a fake one don’t worry it doesn’t verify . Feel free to put your pseudo identity .

How it works ?

It basically uses your wifi or your bluetooth to create a Adhoc network and each device that uses the firechat app acts as a beacon . Now whenever you send a message to lets say person ‘C’ , it travels via person ‘B’ and eventually reaches the destination.


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