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How to send messages without internet .

Ever thought of creating your own chat app or a network through which you can send and receive messages without using internet at all or worried about your personal details revealed like what we do in whatsapp. There is an app called FireChat (Off-Grid Chat app).

It allows you to chat anonymously without the internet and create a public zone to share your messages for free. The app is available only for IOS and Play Store . It is obvious that you need internet connection in the firstplace to download it from store and install it .After that you need to sign up for the account while signing up you should be connected to the internet . It may ask you for your credentials but you can give a fake one don’t worry it doesn’t verify . Feel free to put your pseudo identity .

How it works ?

It basically uses your wifi or your bluetooth to create a Adhoc network and each device that uses the firechat app acts as a beacon . Now whenever you send a message to lets say person ‘C’ , it travels via person ‘B’ and eventually reaches the destination.


Can Scientist create a computer like JARVIS ?

Have you seen the movie IRONMAN then you might be well aware of this Computer called ‘JARVIS’. By the way for those who don’t know JARVIS is the name of an Artificial Intelligence computer actually it has an acronym Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

Today i saw this movie again and i thought why can’t we create a Intelligent computer like this that can serve our need mostly gaming [JK] .So i thought of doing some research on how to create such a system. I finally came up with the result .

First of all let me clarify the myths :

1. Can you create a computer like this ?

Ans:  Yes you can .

2. Will it be as intelligent as shown in the movie ?

Ans : Yes can be .

3. How much time will it take to create ?

Ans: In the coming 10 Yrs .

Now in the movie Jarvis can levitate or lets say project the User Interface (UI) of a highly sophisticated system and Robert Jr can easily interact with it by doing some hand motions on air and Jarvis just do the  calculations in seconds that puts up the results on air again .

According to the present researchers , there are people who actually have the facilities and home in which the computer can speak to us and do the basic functionality like if we say play music , Start this and that . Schedule something . You can basically talk but has limited functionality .

People at Facebook AI research has come up with an idea of Memory Networks through which the memory slots in your systems can theoretically talk to each other . For Example .

Figure 1: Example “story” statements, questions and answers generated by a simple simulation. Answering the question about the location of the milk requires comprehension of the actions “picked up” and “left”. The questions also require comprehension of the time elements of the story, e.g., to answer “where was Joe before the office?”.

Memory Networks AI facebook

So that is how the computer should be able to calculate and give you an appropriate answer for a particular context . Similarly , jarvis was using memory networks to give you the answers.

So speaking of the people at FB AI research they have written papers on memory networks .There is a paragraph in the papers stating that “If the memory becomes full, a procedure for “forgetting” could also be implemented by H as it chooses which memory is replaced, e.g., H could score the utility of each memory, and overwrite the least useful.” Now think of a scenario where a computer can learn it’s own way to find the result and also delete the least use once (memory) .

Now coming to the movie again . You might be thinking that jarvis is not just a speaking computer , it also displays UI on air right ? . have you thought of how can we make it possible . how can we display some thing on air and make it appear it from nowhere . the concept behind it ? Yes it’s right . it’s simple the concept is to stop light . Here comes an interesting fact, Scientist at MIT has come up with a way to stop light and it’s not only on papers, they have also done it practically . Let see how did they achieve it.

So they are basically using Bohr Einstein Consolidate of Sodium atoms to stop light. lets see how in details .

At last what i would like to say is that , In future we don’t need a computer that can do what its asked to do but we need a memory that can opt our nature of how we think .

Application idea for train booking system

‘More people will visit if the loading speed of your website is less than 3 seconds’ – quote from web designing and development . that means every website should be optimized such that it get downloaded within 3 seconds. In India we have IRCTC train booking system which is slow , buggy and boring some times it doesn’t even responds to the user.

If we perform a DDOS attack then it’ll go down in seconds . So i thought of creating a IRCTC droid app that can simply take a pic of all your requirements such as Date of journey to arrival , From – To etc .your can write those requirements on a piece of paper and then take a pic then the app will recognize and take the requirements as an input and make a reservation for you .Isn’t it simple ?

I got this idea by seeing this app called PhotoMath.

Real TIme OCR is the technique that we need but i assume that Real TIme OCR is not available for free .

wireless energy transfer

What if we can transfer Energy through Air ?

Now a days the only energy that we consider is the battery life of our smartphones . However there is one energy that can be transferred through air and even vacuum ie: Light . Today i came up with this thought that How can we transfer Energy from one place to another through air ? . What if we succeed and what are the things that we can do ?

Until today our technology has become so advanced that we are able to electromagnetically charge our phones just by keeping our phone on the top of the charge pad . Now we can just touch our phones and transfer messages via NFC (Near Field Communication) . Now what if we can charge our phones on the go ? .

Lets say that the charger is a some kind of a Wi-Fi module that sends a probe request to your smartphone after certain period. If the Phone is at 45% battery life then the phone will accept the probe request to say that its around 45% charge and sends the reply . That Charger should send the Energy modules to the phone so that it can charge it self.

Another idea is that we should create a phone whose screen is a kind of solar cell and also transparent for display . Now when your Phone sends the same reply to your Wi-Fi Charger it will send your phone the amount of Solar Packets it needs to fully charge it self . On receiving the solar packets, the phone should activate its solar cells at this time the phone will act as a solar panel to charge its battery.

Update : Japanese scientists have succeeded in transmitting energy wirelessly, in a key step that could one day make solar power generation in space a possibility.- Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

you can read the whole article here. Now think what are the possibility of this technology available for free and if these chargers are available to the consumers then length of wire we use in our daily purpose will decrease by 40% .What are your thought let me know by commenting down below .

Drupal training session at swecha

Attended a seminar at swecha ,by the way where is swecha it’s located at gachibowli(Hyderabad) it’s beside Center for good governance . swecha is basically a volunteer driven free software movement organization ,it was started as a GNU Linux project to build an OS for the people who understand Telugu (local language).By now they have created 3 Linux OS and they are well promoting and contributing to the world of Open Source community.

Today’s seminar was about Drupal it was a short and simple introduction of what is Drupal and why is it useful besides that they also showed why they use Linux and what are its benefits .some of the examples were how we can delete a directory via cmd line ie the terminal instead of right-click then search for the delete option and then confirm whether you want to delete it or not . The new thing which I learnt was about lynx.

Lynx is a command line based web browser which means instead of typing in terminal Firefox we can type in lynx the difference is just that it displays the page in your terminal itself thus using less bandwidth load and providing high performance .

After that we discussed about what are the events that we’re going to conduct in our college . we said that we will be creating a website for our GLUG (GNU Linux User Group) .Along with that On March 8th ( International Women’s day ) we planned women who hack its an event that’ll be conducted at IIIT-H on the same day

Borrow data limit from a friend

Recently I paid a visit to a friend and he showed me what are the new movies that he downloaded . I had my pendrive with me so I copied it .now he also uses the beam internet but has 50 GB limit .so at that time I thought why can’t I transfer those GB’s of internet limit to a pendrive and use it as a dongle anywhere I go, cause I already reached my limit . why there is a need to connect to the internet every time we want to download something . why can’t we just borrow those GB’s of limit from a friend and use that as a pocket internet data card .


let’s say person A has 10 GB limit ( remaining data limit that he can use at the full speed data connection lets say 4 Mbps). Now person B comes and borrow 2 GB of that data limit to a normal 4GB pendrive . Now when he connects that pendrive to his PC he should be able to use that 2GB of that data limit at a full speed of 4 Mbps . now the same pendrive should act as a dongle when ever required until the limit reaches.


The problem with this concept is that what IP address will the person B use, will it be person A’s IP address or some other IP address provided by the service provider.Second problem is lets say person A has reached his limit at this time he has only 8 GB of data limit and rest remains with person B as discussed above, Now what if person A completed using his 8 GB limit then after that he’ll get only 1 Mbps speed according to beam 4 Mbps connection, at that instance of time what will be the data rate for the person B’s account whether it deliver 4 Mbps or 1 Mbps.

I think scientist might be working on that, I don’t know but they’ll come up with this idea some time in future because it’s not the problem of technology, we have all the tech we need, it’s just that we need to find a way to do it.

Web dev workflow in indian institutes

“If you think math is hard try web design.”

– Good read

With years passing by people denoted more to the UX/UI designing . UX designing not only attracts people but also provides intuitive and interactive learning process throughout the website but the problem here is that Teachers from different institutes especially in India don’t give any attention to the UI face of design instead they just take care of whether the website is functional or not that’s it .It doesn’t matter whether the page look ugly or beautiful. That is why student ambassadors are recruited so that they can learn from the experts and teach others to adapt to the present workflow .

As of now institutes in India, students tend to follow the same boring workflow that they teach they don’t even bother to tell us from where we can study about it ie is there anyone whose designs we can follow . They just dump everything into our minds and prepare us for the exam and we call that as spoon-feeding . Why don’t they understand that there are students who are interested in learning more on that subject it can be anything JS,CSS,Nodejs etc . That is why i get fed up with the management in India i don’t know about IIT’s hope they don’t follow spoon-feeding style.

The basic thing that we lack is practical learning . What i think is that we can improve in this field by collaborating management with students, here transparency comes into picture .This can be done by having R & D dept in every college and should not be interfered by the every management body only few should get access to it . With this students who are interested can take part and have a broad knowledge of what’s happening in the current workflow .

How to start a startup ?

Here is a beautiful blog written by Sam Altman that tells you how you can startup a company . How not to start a company ,what are the basic step you need to follow and till when to follow .On the other hand there is Vivek who is the Co-Founder of HackerRank on his blog he writes about what are the secret ingredients a founder needs to have .

You should start with an idea, not a company.  When it’s just an idea or project, the stakes are lower and you’re more willing to entertain outlandish-sounding but potentially huge ideas.  The best way to start a company is to build interesting projects.

On the other hand, when you have a “company” that you feel pressure to commit to an idea too quickly.  If it’s just a project, you can spend more time finding something great to work on, which is important—if the startup really works, you’ll probably be working on it for a very long time.

Have at least one technical founder on the team (i.e. someone who can build whatever the company is going to build). Make something people want.Once you’ve shifted from “interesting project” to “company” mode, be decisive and act quickly.Instead of thinking about making a decision over the course of week, think about making it in an hour, and getting it done in the next hour.Figure out a way to get your product in front of users.  Start manually (read this: to what your users tell you, improve your product, and then listen again.  Keep doing this until you’ve made something some users love.

Keep your burn rate very low until you’re sure you’ve built something people love. The easiest way to do this is hire slowly.Have a strategy.  Most people don’t. Learn to ask for what you want.

Don’t waste your time on stuff that doesn’t matter In general, avoid the kind of stuff that might be in a movie about running a startup—meeting with lawyers and accountants, going to lots of conferences, grabbing coffee with people, sitting in lots of meetings, etc.

Do what it takes and don’t make up excuses.

Learn to manage people.  Make sure your employees are happy.  Don’t ignore this.

Don’t underestimate the importance of personal connections.

Ignore acquisition interest until you are sure you want to sell. Work really hard.Keep doing this for 10 years.