drupal camp hyderabad 2015

Drupal Camp Hyderabad 2015

Last time i introduced you to Swecha and what will be happening on March 7th and 8th you can check my prev post . The Drupal camp started with an introduction to drupal by Larry Garfield and for the first time i saw some one giving seminar via Hangout it was quiet fun and was feeling excited to see someone in live .

I liked what he said about Open Source

The Right to innovate is not a privilege to be restricted to a tiny minority – FSMI

Present companies like google , amazon , Apple though they use Open source technology they don’t have transparency . Every thing that we create needs to be approachable and should be useable cause unusable tools are useless he said .

The point of Open Source is to give everyone the chance to change or distribute the source in any form for the good of community . then he spoke about the differences between Drupal 7 and 8 what are the core problems that he faced and how did they resolve it . How Drupal gives you a good start right from the begining of creating a website . how you can built real world sites right away out of the box .

The best part was that even Blind people can use Drupal with the help of voice navigation thus gives a greater accessibility .

He spoke not only for the core developers point of view but also in the Front end developers prespective.He spoke about new frameworks and technologies such as Symfony, Twig, Zend Feed, Doctorine, Annotation, Guzzle, Easy RDF .

At last he showed us live counting of how many active members who are contributing and participating to the Drupal Community which was around 2715+ people from whole world.

To want to learn help build it

– Larry Garfield

In the end people asked him some questions .One was that “Why should we use Drupal Over WordPress or Joomla ?”. He answered : Every CMS has its own flavor for eg drupal is known for its content strategic and content management at the enterprise level , Where as if content writing and blog editing is concerned then WordPress is best and also added that Drupal has best security team and most active member in the community that is why people go for drupal .

It was an interactive session and hope to meet you live in future, thank you larry for delivering such a wonderful seminar .

you can follow him on Twitter his twitter handle is right below .


Drupal training session at swecha

Attended a seminar at swecha ,by the way where is swecha it’s located at gachibowli(Hyderabad) it’s beside Center for good governance . swecha is basically a volunteer driven free software movement organization ,it was started as a GNU Linux project to build an OS for the people who understand Telugu (local language).By now they have created 3 Linux OS and they are well promoting and contributing to the world of Open Source community.

Today’s seminar was about Drupal it was a short and simple introduction of what is Drupal and why is it useful besides that they also showed why they use Linux and what are its benefits .some of the examples were how we can delete a directory via cmd line ie the terminal instead of right-click then search for the delete option and then confirm whether you want to delete it or not . The new thing which I learnt was about lynx.

Lynx is a command line based web browser which means instead of typing in terminal Firefox google.com we can type in lynx google.com the difference is just that it displays the page in your terminal itself thus using less bandwidth load and providing high performance .

After that we discussed about what are the events that we’re going to conduct in our college . we said that we will be creating a website for our GLUG (GNU Linux User Group) .Along with that On March 8th ( International Women’s day ) we planned women who hack its an event that’ll be conducted at IIIT-H on the same day

App that enables two-way text copying between your PC and Smart devices

Text is copied from your PC to your device, or from your device to your PC, with the simple press of a Global Hotkey. On your PC – Select the text in any application, press the Copy Hotkey, and it arrives in your device’s clipboard – ready to be pasted! On your Smart Device – copy some text and press the Paste Hotkey on your PC to paste the text!

Text can be copied over any network. As long as your PC and Smart device both have internet connections, you’re good to go. Alt-C uses Google Cloud Messaging with SSL connections to copy the text.

get the app for windows 7 and also on google play


what you should know about http/2 and ietf

Voila HTTP/2 is approved here is what you should know

Mark Nottingham he is currently the chairperson of IETF HTTP Working Group and am a member of the W3C TAG. Check out his blog for futher updates on HTTP and web standards .

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is a replacement for how HTTP is expressed “on the wire.” It is not a ground-up rewrite of the protocol; HTTP methods, status codes and semantics are the same, and it should be possible to use the same APIs as HTTP/1.x (possibly with some small additions) to represent the protocol.

The focus of the protocol is on performance; specifically, end-user perceived latency, network and server resource usage. One major goal is to allow the use of a single connection from browsers to a Web site.

The basis of the work was SPDY, but HTTP/2 has evolved to take the community’s input into account, incorporating several improvements in the process


HTTP/2 is nearly done standardization; it has been approved by the IESG, and should soon enter the RFC Editor’s publication queue.


HTTP/2 is comprised of two specifications:

well , The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) is responsible for technical management of IETF activities and the Internet standards process. It administers the process according to the rules and procedures that have been ratified by the ISOC trustees .

Quick look at the revolution of web browsers

Browser Revolution was started by Mosaic, well-known as the first popular web browser which dramatically boosted the popularity of world wide web. Mosaic was developed at NCSA, part ofUniversity of Illinois. Some Mosaic team members later went to create Netscape and develop Netscape Navigator. One of them is Marc Andreessen (@pmarca), a graduate of University of Illinois, who is known these days as a prominent investor at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) VC firm.revolution of web browser

Mosaic was later born again in the form of Internet Explorer. Spyglass, an official licensee of NCSA Mosaic project, licensed their browser technology (unrelated to the original Mosaic code) to Microsoft and it became the genesis of a new browser contender to Netscape Navigator. The rise of Internet Explorer also led to the first Browser War.

During this time, Netscape was in trouble and the browser code was released as an open-source project Mozilla. After a few years, Firefox emerged and this time became the browser that challenged Internet Explorer. One of the co-creator of Firefox is Dave Hyatt, he was involved with Netscape and it is hardly a surprise that he also finished his graduate from University of Illinois. Later on, Dave Hyatt was one of the influential figures behind WebKit, the rendering engine that powers Safari.

Something that is not mentioned in the above browser diagram is of course JavaScript. Are you going to be surprised if I now mention that Brendan Eich (@BrendanEich), the father of JavaScript, finished his master also at the University of Illinois?

here is a great post by Paul Irish about Webkit for developers.

– Post by ariya

JQuery Mobile Demos , How to create a simple dialog Tutorial.

jQuery Mobile Demos it’s a fun way to start HTML5 Mobile project. If you are looking for documentation to create a Mobile Text Note Editor ie onClick of note that slides to another page then it can be dont via jQuery mobile all the documentation and even the CSS framework is provided on their site .

Here is an Example site that you can look into and understand how to create a jQuery based application.

SimpleDialog Features:

Two display modes, either a button choice (bool), or a text entry (string).
Attempts to position itself centered over the input, however, for small screens, it will open a dialog window instead.
Click outside the widget to close.
Options can be configured via data-options attribute

Here is the github src page you can download it for free.

Similarly there is another site which showcase how to work with backbonejs link. If you want to learn what is Backbone js and what is the use of it then click here.

Open source at its edge

Running communities around projects is all about getting the job done, and getting it done well. If you don’t nurture a community, it won’t grow and produce. Then, if you get that right but fail to maintain and organize things so that the people involved, your community, can continue to succeed and feel happy doing it, your project’s growth and success won’t last long. – Robyn is an Operations Advocate for Elasticsearch .

Now the thought is how will i know whether the community or the project will be success in future.The following are the criteria :

  1. Is the software provided under an open source license?
  2. Does it have an active community?
  3. Does it have up-to-date documentation available?
  4. Is the source code available?
  5. Are there new or recent releases?

Often Open source scares people. And tossing them into the deep end usually doesn’t help dampen that fear. Instead, we need to help ease people into using open source. Scott Nesbitt, technology coach and writer, shares some advice to help you do that.

First, curb the urge to get on open source soapbox. Instead, go for the heart of it—show them how they can do their work with it.

Open source is not only for the techie. So, explain to people they don’t have to be a coder. They can learn to code, but it’s not required.Open source is just as powerful but don’t give feature by feature comparison. Instead show them how to use an open source tool. You’ll create real users who are also advocates and enthusiasts for open source.

Robot can jump upto 30 ft height, named Sand Flea.

Sand Flea is an 11-lb robot with one trick up its sleeve: Normally it drives like an RC car, but when it needs to it can jump 30 feet into the air. An onboard stabilization system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings. Current development of Sand Flea is funded by the The US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force. For more information visit http://www.BostonDynamics.com

Linux Kernel

Today Linux is the most powerful OS in the world , Because of it’s transparency and secure infrastructure . Inorder to maintain this stability they have uploaded everything online for free. Below link is the Linux Kernel that Torvalds wrote in 90’s and who is also the core member who created git ( Subversion Control System) so that people around the world can contribute to the continuous growth in the field of computer science . You can say that  the reason behind github runs is Git. The first link is where he uploads the whole Kernel  with 4607 contributors and 4,98,585 commits . The second link is the one who commits it .




if you don’t know linux Torvalds then here is the review :


By the way the time we finish the the video their would be more than 100 commits made . That’s the power of linux and the open source community .

To know more about the Open source community and what is open source you can just go to google and search Open source or Open source community . You will get around millions of results within seconds [ Now the results that the google search generates is also by using the help provided by the Open Source Community ]. You can visit many sites regarding the topic but http://opensource.com/ is the one that i like the most .

There is a post written by Rich Thomas on How open hardware makes products cheap its an awesome article which tells you about how we can make the future artificial intelligence and technology at a low cost . Thus concentrating on the Idea rather than Cost . I want to thank the Open source community for making our life easier .