Boxify Deconstructed #1

Before starting you should check out my previous post on what are the essential things that you need before starting a website or any front end dev ie Designing . Since we have a Mock site Boxify it’s just that you need to download so that you get a kickstart .

First thing first you need a foundation for that we will be using the basic Boilerplate model you can download it from github.

boxify deconstructed

This is what it looks like after applying the boilerplate content ie the index.html file in the boilerplate folder . including the you need to add some other ingredients to add a nice flavor to it . lets see the changes

boxify deconstructed after change

You can see that we have made some additions to our old file like JS and some CSS(bottom and above resp). these are the changes .Have a look at their official websites .

1# Modenizr

2# Bootstrap

3# Jquery FancyBox

4# Flickity

5# Animate.css

6# font-awesome

7# Boilerplate


Boxify – Theme Deconstructed Series

Boxify is an HTML theme developed by Peter Finlan you can see this on . I will be deconstructing this theme and explain you how to develop these kind of themes with easy and what are the things that we required to create such themes .

Starting with my setup i will be using Bracket Text Editor you can use Sublime or Notepad++. boxify theme deconstructed rittam debnath

For this you need to have the good knowledge of HTML and CSS in one of the post i mentioned some websites from where you can learn these lang’s easily .