drupal camp hyderabad 2015

Drupal Camp Hyderabad 2015

Last time i introduced you to Swecha and what will be happening on March 7th and 8th you can check my prev post . The Drupal camp started with an introduction to drupal by Larry Garfield and for the first time i saw some one giving seminar via Hangout it was quiet fun and was feeling excited to see someone in live .

I liked what he said about Open Source

The Right to innovate is not a privilege to be restricted to a tiny minority – FSMI

Present companies like google , amazon , Apple though they use Open source technology they don’t have transparency . Every thing that we create needs to be approachable and should be useable cause unusable tools are useless he said .

The point of Open Source is to give everyone the chance to change or distribute the source in any form for the good of community . then he spoke about the differences between Drupal 7 and 8 what are the core problems that he faced and how did they resolve it . How Drupal gives you a good start right from the begining of creating a website . how you can built real world sites right away out of the box .

The best part was that even Blind people can use Drupal with the help of voice navigation thus gives a greater accessibility .

He spoke not only for the core developers point of view but also in the Front end developers prespective.He spoke about new frameworks and technologies such as Symfony, Twig, Zend Feed, Doctorine, Annotation, Guzzle, Easy RDF .

At last he showed us live counting of how many active members who are contributing and participating to the Drupal Community which was around 2715+ people from whole world.

To want to learn help build it

– Larry Garfield

In the end people asked him some questions .One was that “Why should we use Drupal Over WordPress or Joomla ?”. He answered : Every CMS has its own flavor for eg drupal is known for its content strategic and content management at the enterprise level , Where as if content writing and blog editing is concerned then WordPress is best and also added that Drupal has best security team and most active member in the community that is why people go for drupal .

It was an interactive session and hope to meet you live in future, thank you larry for delivering such a wonderful seminar .

you can follow him on Twitter his twitter handle is right below .