Open source at its edge

Running communities around projects is all about getting the job done, and getting it done well. If you don’t nurture a community, it won’t grow and produce. Then, if you get that right but fail to maintain and organize things so that the people involved, your community, can continue to succeed and feel happy doing it, your project’s growth and success won’t last long. – Robyn is an Operations Advocate for Elasticsearch .

Now the thought is how will i know whether the community or the project will be success in future.The following are the criteria :

  1. Is the software provided under an open source license?
  2. Does it have an active community?
  3. Does it have up-to-date documentation available?
  4. Is the source code available?
  5. Are there new or recent releases?

Often Open source scares people. And tossing them into the deep end usually doesn’t help dampen that fear. Instead, we need to help ease people into using open source. Scott Nesbitt, technology coach and writer, shares some advice to help you do that.

First, curb the urge to get on open source soapbox. Instead, go for the heart of it—show them how they can do their work with it.

Open source is not only for the techie. So, explain to people they don’t have to be a coder. They can learn to code, but it’s not required.Open source is just as powerful but don’t give feature by feature comparison. Instead show them how to use an open source tool. You’ll create real users who are also advocates and enthusiasts for open source.


Linux Kernel

Today Linux is the most powerful OS in the world , Because of it’s transparency and secure infrastructure . Inorder to maintain this stability they have uploaded everything online for free. Below link is the Linux Kernel that Torvalds wrote in 90’s and who is also the core member who created git ( Subversion Control System) so that people around the world can contribute to the continuous growth in the field of computer science . You can say that  the reason behind github runs is Git. The first link is where he uploads the whole Kernel  with 4607 contributors and 4,98,585 commits . The second link is the one who commits it .


if you don’t know linux Torvalds then here is the review :


By the way the time we finish the the video their would be more than 100 commits made . That’s the power of linux and the open source community .

To know more about the Open source community and what is open source you can just go to google and search Open source or Open source community . You will get around millions of results within seconds [ Now the results that the google search generates is also by using the help provided by the Open Source Community ]. You can visit many sites regarding the topic but is the one that i like the most .

There is a post written by Rich Thomas on How open hardware makes products cheap its an awesome article which tells you about how we can make the future artificial intelligence and technology at a low cost . Thus concentrating on the Idea rather than Cost . I want to thank the Open source community for making our life easier .