Time measures everything

street speed travel

Everything is bounded by some thing . Which means every living matter shall die or perish at some point of time , Now the question is what measures it It’s the Time . Time is a constant factor that measures every measurable thing irrespective of place , dimension , cost , value or nature.

Voice of Morgan Freeman“There is nothing so absurd that it cannot be believed as truth if repeated often enough”-William James

We know that light travels at a speed of  299792458 metres per second and we also know that light is a electromagnetic from of energy . When obstructed by a prism disperses beam of white light.

Light_dispersion_conceptual_waves350pxWe can see that light travels in the form of wave . Each wave moves tangential at an angle and thus bends forming a cycle this is the scenario when light travels at that speed similarly each cycle . what if each cycle of wave travels at an infinite speed .Then the light will move travel at a speed such that no element will be visible .